Fri. 17.06.05

Flame On, W/ Alias Caylon, at Volksbad, Flensburg

Sat. 18.06.05

Flame On, W/ Alias Caylon + Blunt at Musik Caféen, Aarhus

Fri. 10.06.05

Flame On, W/ Steel Will, at Gimle, Roskilde

Thu. 14.04.05

Flame On, W/ Pinboys and 5Bugs (DE) at The Rock, Kbh, K

Sat. 02.04.05

Flame On, at Nanoq, Qaqortoq - Greenland

Wed. 23.03.05

Flame On, W/ Pinboys, at Skt. Annæ Gade Skole, Århus.

Thu. 24.03.05

Flame On, W/ Pinboys, at Lades, Kbh. K

Fri. 10.12.04
Flame On, w/ Gobsquad at Studenterhuset, Kbh. K
Thu. 18.11.04
Flame On, w/ Down And Away (S) at Lades, Kbh. K
Sat. 09.10.04
Flame On, w/ Outbreak (S) at Kulturfabrikken, Nyk F.
Fri. 08.10.04
Flame On, w/ Outbreak (S) at Imperiet, Herning
Thu. 07.10.04
Flame On, w/ Outbreak (S) Studenterhuset, Odense
Wed. 06.10.04
Flame On, w/ Outbreak (S) at Stengade 30, Kbh. N
Thu. 02.09.04
Flame On, W/ Surfact + Daytona Motel at Forbrændingen, Albertslund.
Fri. 23.07.04
Flame On, at Hollands Gaard, Nyk F. at 16:00 !!
Sat. 08.05.04
Flame On, Alte Penne - Schönberg (D)
Fri. 07.05.04
Flame On, AJZ - Neumünster (D)
Fri. 16.04.04
Flame On w/ Chakawoo + Pixlips at Operaen, Christiania
Sat. 03.04.04
Flame On w/ Music Mafia at Tex, Copenhagen K.
Fri. 26.03.04
Flame On at Ungdomshuset, Jagtvej 69.
Thu. 26.02.04
Flame On w/ Chakawoo at Lades, Copenhagen K.
Sat. 14.02.04
Flame On w/ Furillo at Klauzdal, Herlev.  
Fre. 17.10.03
Flame On W/Mavorneen in Maribo  
Fri. 22.08.03
Flame On w/ Chakawoo and Mean Bro Green at Elværket, Helsingør. 
Sat. 13.09.03
Flame On w/ Furillo at Gimle, Roskilde.
Sat. 06.09.03
Flame On w/ Alias Caylon at Stengade 30, Copenhagen N.
Sat. 09.08.03
Flame On w/ Distemper (Ru) at Ungdomshuset, Jagtvej 69.
Fre. 15.08.03
*CANCELLED* Flame On at Lynetten, Copenhagen. *CANCELLED*
Sat. 16.08.03
Flame On w/ Music Mafia at Dragens Hule, Copenhagen.
Thu. 31.07.03
Flame On w/ Mavourneen at lades kælder.
Wed. 30.07.03
Flame On w/ Yarphet kotto (US) Rock island, lokale 2.10, Islands Brygge, Copenhagen.
Sat. 05.06.03
Flame On is playing at 16:00 in Folkets Park, Stengade, Copenhagen, Nørrebro.
sat. 26.04.03:
Flame On w/ 12+ other cool DK bands
sat. 21.03.03:
Flame On w/ Sommerset (NZL)
sat. 25.01.03:
Flame On w/ Chakawoo , Mean Bro Green + Carpe Diem.
fri. 29.11.02:
Flame On w/ Furillo, parts of Chakawoo and Finn at Gimle Roskilde.
sat. 23.11.02:
Flame On w/ Gobsquad at Viborg Animationsskole, Viborg
sat. 16.11.02:
Flame On w/ Pfeffer (Germany) & Cenobites (Holland)
at Loppen, Christiania.
fri. 13.09.02:
Flame On w/ Meantime & Garganta del Diablo
at Elværket, Helsingør.
sat. 14.09.02:
Flame On w/ Meantime at Musikværftet, Refshaleøen
"Charlie's Birthday Party"
sun. 01.09.02:
Flame On w/ Chakawoo at Stengade 30, Kbh.
"CMWC2002 Afterparty"
sat. 22.06.02:
Flame On w/ Chakawoo at Krunch, Amager.
sat. 08.06.02:
Flame On w/ Chakawoo & Misty at Gimle, Roskilde.
sat. 17.05.02:
Flame On w/ Gobsquad at Kulturfabrikken. Nyk F.
fri. 05.04.02:
Flame On w/ Gobsquad at Loppen, Christiania
sat. 16.02.02:
Flame On w/ Meantime at Templet in Lyngby
fri. 26.01.02:
Flame On w/ The Movement and Fuck Lars at Ungdomshuset, Kbh.
sat. 05.10.01
Flame On w/ Furillo at Studenterhuset, Kbh.