The Bleeding Archives
Tobias plus Mixen from Furillo, Kevin From Chakawoo and Peter from 20 Belows
Jeppe and Flame On guest screamer, Lasse plays in this band. It's great!
Death By Kite
Kimer plays the drums in this noisy rock trio.
Alias Caylon
Be the first on your block to know about this amazing german emotional rock ensemble!
The Movement
Amazing hard mod with a strong political edge.
Gob Squad
Punk/ska/hardcore. Werd up!
These are some angry "young" men here! Check it out!
Steel Will
Songs about Van Damme in the the wellknown STREET HEAVY genre!
And Faster We Fall
Michael is a nice guy yo!
Book King Agency
This guy books cool bands!
Troskot Records
Run by our friend Svetoslav out of Bulgaria. Help him to help out others!
Lolland Falster Reunited
Lolland Falster 7-a-side football club in which almost all the "Flamers" play :D
Burgundia Fûbûl
7-a-side football club. Our long time friend and producer Martin plays here!
Uncle Allan Tattoo
Want tattos? go here!
Want to see an alternative rock show in DK? go here!
Awesome reading! They write about music´n´stuff. Check it!
Finally a danish music website aiming above and beyond mediocre !
You're going to Barcelona. You wanna get you skate on. Check this! Emikozak did it!
Emil is just so talented it hurts... and he even lives in Spain ¡Que jevi rockstar!
If you like rock-posters you already know this site... If not, check it the hell out!