As it was in the beginning
Flame On is a 4 piece rock band based in Copenhagen, Denmark. They formed after two founding members found themselves at the same '95 - '96 newyears eve party, and started talking music. Early 1996 they were now four, and all attending the same highschool in Nykøbing Falster. They got a great rehersal room directly adjacent to the school where they spend the next couple of years practicing, experimenting with hairstyles and growing up in general.

School's out for summer, School's out for ever!
As the members of Flame On (called DGZ at the time) graduated school, nothing seemed to keep them on their native islands (no it's not ONE island!) of Lolland-Falster and they all moved to the nations capitol, Copenhagen. The first year in Copenhagen was spend with alot more practicing, and a little more gigging. A demo with 4 tracks was recorded. Some time hereafter, around 2000, guitarist Jan Sørensen left the band. He was replaced by long time friend Kristian Kimer, also originally from Falster. Suddenly Flame On had two songwriters (Tobias beeing the other major contributor) and alot of new material was produced. The best of this eventually ended up on the CD-ep "Home is where the heart is" (The title refferring to their common island origin).

midlife crisis
With the Line-up of Henrik, John, Tobias & Kristian the band played more shows in a year than they had done in the previous 4 together. By the summer of 2002 John left the band to focus on his career as an animator. Emil Kozak, a young guy from Lolland and former lead singer and guitarist in "One Minute Shift", took over on bass. Flame On felt ready to take on the challenge of a full-length. Therefore around mid 2002 they decided to record an album instead of making another demo. The plan was to do everything themselves and to do it practically cost-free. Progress was slow and in the middle of recording drums, Kristian decided to leave Flame On.

Back to the future...
A change was needed. Henrik stepped up from behind the drums to focus on his vocals and to finally front the band visually as he had been vocally for years. A new drummer was needed and an idea often discussed finally became a reality. Tobias' (younger) brother Jeppe joined, whilst still being the drummer for Meantime (now IOTA). Emil switched to guitar and Charlie took over on bass. The band finished the album 'Overkill' and after a mini Germany tour and DK tour Emil left the band in late 2004. In the beginning of '05 Flame On will commence to work on an EP.

Charlie Andersen / 2004 - present
Jeppe Munk Åkesson / 2003 - present
Tobias Munk Åkesson / 1996 - present
Henrik Ohlsen / 1996 - present

Emil Kozak / 2002 - 2004
Jan Sørensen / 1996 - 2000
John Kenn Mortensen / 1996 - 2002
Kristian Kimer / 2000 - 2002